The Annex

About Us

“About Us” – actually, it should be titled, “About You” – that is what our goal has been in establishing The Annex and earlier, the establishment next door, Silver Cow.

Our planning involved coming up with ways to provide a nice (but different) ambiance in The Annex to provide YOU another experience while spending your hard-earned money on “brews and chews”.

The “formula” for the The Annex was based on still having a laid-back atmosphere where you can carry on a nice conversation with your friends and loved ones – but with a little more recreational opportunities – such as the Ski Bowl and Pool Table/Air Hockey Table you see. Also, the vintage Atari games and console television are there for you to enjoy.

The good news is that you can have items from both menus and choose from both The Annex beer and wine selection AND those in Silver Cow – regardless of where you are sitting. Migrate from one to the other, if you’d like. Take in both experiences – it is our guess that you will develop your own game plan for future visits. Maybe here in The Annex earlier in the evening and then finish off the evening at Silver Cow.

For those of you new to craft beer, our selection in The Annex is generally more “sessionable” – which, to make it easier – are those beers easier on the palate or lower in alcohol content per volume that other beers of the same style (IPA, Stout, Porter, Pale Ale, etc.).

For those of you who are fans of Budweiser and such, we welcome you to The Annex, as well. We have what you are looking for! … it is our hope you will allow our staff to provide YOU a FREE sample of a microbrewery’s creation which is similar “on the palate” or a good flavor alternative to the mass-produced mass-marketed brands we have in our inventory. We’re certainly glad you’re here – regardless of whether you make the leap into craft beer.

For those of you who prefer vineyard creations, we have wine selections available here in The Annex and next door in Silver Cow. As in craft beer, the wine on The Annex menu is a little more of the standard (but significant) labels.

Portions of The Annex’s food menu will be familiar with veteran-customers of Silver Cow. These lighter fare selections are also still available in Silver Cow AND the full Silver Cow menu is available here in The Annex!

We have to say that none of this would be possible without your support. It is YOU who provide the motivation and resources for us to open The Annex and to keep Silver Cow running smoothly!

Thank you for being here – and if you have been a customer of Silver Cow, we give a big moo-out to you for that, as well!

Please let us know if there is anything we can do for YOU to improve your experience while you’re here at The Annex!

Most Sincerely,