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Happy Valentine’s Day from Silver Cow & The Annex

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We, at Silver Cow and The Annex are honored to have been selected as one of the filming Four Familieslocations for Robin Rutenberg‘ s band, Four Families recent video entitled, “Now | Present”!

It is so appropriate on this St. Valentine’s Day to remember what it really signifies. Unfortunately, politics and organized religion have both taken their issues to the barricades and fought so aggressively that humanity has been delegated to a secondary position while the dust is flying from the battle. Both sides have faults.

LOVE is what matters. Each person has their own spiritual walk to take, regardless of their beliefs, lifestyles or cultures. For those of us who “believe”, we are commanded to love one another – and to not point out faults in others since we all have faults of our own – on whichever side of the lifestyle choice we find ourselves.

Life is indeed short. Be happy. Throw caution to the wind. Don’t be concerned about what others are going to think, say or do. It doesn’t matter.  Love and live with who you want. Be productive and be positive.

Be thankful for who you are with and don’t worry about who your neighbor is with – in the grand scheme of things, your opinion doesn’t matter. Concentrate on who you love and continue on your own spiritual walk through this life – it’s YOUR path – not others.

St. Valentine’s Day shouldn’t be just about boxed candy and flowers. We can get that commercial crap anytime – and on sale beginning February 15.

It is our hope that all of you have a wonderful St. Valentine’s Day – and enjoy the blessing you have been given.

Our heartfelt appreciation to Robin and her band for letting us be a part of their beautiful video: